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Providing a large fleet of Yachts and boATS for aN ELITE experience in Miami.

Experience the epitome of grandeur and refinement with Elite Yachts Miami, the preeminent provider of Miami Yacht Rentals and Luxury Party Boat Charters. Take your pick from our extensive fleet of 90+ opulent yachts, complete with certified captains and crew who will attend to your every whim. Bask in the sun's warm glow with your companions, set out to explore Miami's picturesque sights from the tranquil sea, embark on a journey to exotic and breathtaking islands, or revel in a night of revelry on one of our luxurious Miami Yachts. The unforgettable yacht rental experience of your dreams is only a click away. Don't hesitate to contact us today for a chance to avail of our special promotions, discounts, and custom yacht rental packages.